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Santa Teresa Landscapes

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Santa Teresa Landscapes

A few years ago, I finally decided to learn something about photography. I had been snapping photos for years, but had resisted turning the dial on my cameras to “M” – Manual, since I didn’t understand F-stops, apertures, and all that technical camera stuff.

Finally I hired a professional photographer who was traveling around Costa Rica, Sean Davis, to teach me how to use a camera. He ended up selling me my first real camera, a Nikon D200, and spending a couple of days teaching me about depth of field, tricks to reduce camera shake, bracketing, etc. Probably the most valuable thing I’ve learned is why, when, and how to use a polarizing filter to capture photos that look like they were taken by a professional.

Now I carry my good camera wherever I go, despite its hefty weight (now a Canon 7D), because I never want to miss the opportunity to take a great photo. Living here in the jungle, opportunities to see wild animals are still rare, and with my 7D at my side, I’m always just a few seconds away from being able to capture a snake eating a frog, or some perfect lighting on a beach.

The photos in this collection were taken in north Santa Teresa or Playa Hermosa, which is in the Malpais area.

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