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The Art of Alexa Meade

Posted by on Nov 19, 2011 in Art | Comments Off on The Art of Alexa Meade

Alex Meade - "Blue Print Installation"

Proof that art isn’t dead… Every so often, we find an artist who just blows us away with a totally unique concept that’s sure to be imitated around the world.

Alexa Meade’s Website

She paints live models in such a way that when photographed from the right angle, they are nearly indistinguishable from regular, two-dimensional paintings. I think the results are shockingly great.

Alexa Meade’s concept is just too great for thousands of art students not to give it a try in their own studios, and who knows, maybe someone else can even take it to a new level?

Check out this article on MSNBC showcasing her work:

Alexa Meade on MSNBC

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