The most incredible Origami

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Origami Tarantula

Amazing art comes in all shapes and sizes. I’m as impressed by a folded piece of paper such as the tarantula above, as I am by a huge fire sculpture at Burning Man.

The following gallery has examples of the world’s most amazing origami that will blow your mind:

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3D Globe Art in France

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Large optical illusion in Paris, France
This is a 3D illusion installation in front of the steps of the city hall in Paris, created by French artist François Abélanet and ninety helpers.

It’s called ‘Qui Croire?” which means “Who to Believe” in English.

When viewed from this particular angle, it looks like a large sphere globe. It required five days to created this installation and used 1200m2 of grass lawn, 300 m2 of “sedum” plant, and 650 m3 of straw and sand.

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Russell O’Brien’s Visionary Art

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Yoga Art
I love all kinds of “visionary art” and was happy to discover the work of Russell O’Brien. His gorgeous carvings are designed to be framed, and are hand cast, sold at very reasonable prices. I’m working on getting some to decorate Anamaya.

Check it out here:

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The OCD art of Liza Lou

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The OCD art of Liza Lou

One of my favorite artists is Liza Lou, who has taken the obsessive compulsive artistic genius thing to an entire new level. She spends days, weeks, or even years on her intricate creations, such as the piece that made her famous, “Kitchen” in which she covered an entire kitchen with millions of beads… even the water in the sink is made of beads.

Liza has since moved on from beads to other mind-numbingly detailed artworks, as shown here:

Liza Lou Art Collection

I would guess that Liza enters a near altered state as she works, to pass the thousands of hours while creating her work, and from this derives a type of continual pleasure that most of us ordinary people can’t begin to fathom.

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Alien Love Nest Pendants at Burning Man

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Alien Love Nest Pendants at Burning Man

For ten years in a row a Burning Man, I produced in my factory in China a couple thousand Fimo pendants to give away. They are hand made with a very time-consuming sculptural process known as “millifiore.” See a video on how it’s done her: millefiore technique. The technique is thousands of years old, done in glass or ceramic (and sushi) but I was one of the first in the U.S. to help create the art form, and also one of the first to do it commercially (I had built the factory in China in 1993 to do it, but there were factories first in Guatemala and South Africa.)

For the first few years, I designed the pendants myself, often making a variety of sizes, different colors and varieties, and some special items, such as the Alien Love Nest lighters that I gave to all of my fellow firedancers in the Conclave that year. Every year I’d try to outdo myself, but I have to say that the pendants the first couple of years were probably the best. Fimo is very tricky and you never really know what the result is going to be until the end. It’s easy to over-do it and create too much detail, which makes the design lose its vibrancy.

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The Art of Alexa Meade

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Alex Meade - "Blue Print Installation"

Proof that art isn’t dead… Every so often, we find an artist who just blows us away with a totally unique concept that’s sure to be imitated around the world.

Alexa Meade’s Website

She paints live models in such a way that when photographed from the right angle, they are nearly indistinguishable from regular, two-dimensional paintings. I think the results are shockingly great.

Alexa Meade’s concept is just too great for thousands of art students not to give it a try in their own studios, and who knows, maybe someone else can even take it to a new level?

Check out this article on MSNBC showcasing her work:

Alexa Meade on MSNBC

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